Emmys Review Review

Seth Meyers Emmy's

Is it me or are Seth Meyers’ eyes diverging? Maybe it’s an optical illusion. Maybe it’s the distracting horizontal lines behind him. Maybe it’s that his head is about to explode from hosting the Emmy’s for the first time on the heels of getting his own talk show.

My review of the Hollywood Reporter review? It’s not bad. But then awards shows are so self-indulgent that reviewing them doesn’t really mean anything. When awards shows are themselves up for awards (Tony Awards and the Academy Awards), it’s hard to take anything seriously. Come on. Emmy director Glenn Weiss won for directing the Tony Awards (and accepted the award from his directors chair in the control room), but I guess including the Emmy’s for consideration is too much.

Everything else just sort of blurs into the weirdness of the whole Teleprompted Hollywood club/union meeting thing. Exceptional moments such as the tribute to Robin Williams rose above the usual routine, but Jim Parsons winning his fourth consecutive Emmy for lead actor on a comedy makes even the routine seem even more perfunctory than usual.

Sarah Silverman’s enthusiastic sprint to the stage for her award was upstaged by the real possibility that she would have a wardrobe malfunction and the new “It” guy Stephen Colbert lost “it” a little when his imaginary friend made a “dis”appearance. Maybe the longer you are around awards shows the less magic there is to take one back to childhood, but for some reason the gears seemed to grind a bit more loudly than I remember.

Emmys Are Better But Inconsistent – Hollywood Reporter.


Things to do in China When You’re Dead

death simulation in china

The latest immersive 4D thrill ride experience in China involves special effects and heated air to simulate the feeling of being in a crematorium and then lying in state in a casket. The Samadhi – 4D Experience of Death probably won’t be coming to a resort near you, but if you happen to be in Huangpu District, China next month and got $40 burning a hole in your pocket, they’ll be showing you the next life through the end of September.

China’s latest weird attraction: simulate your own death – Telegraph.


‘Game of Thrones’ actor JJ Murphy dies just four days into filming his role

JJ Murphy

Not widely-known in the U.S., JJ was a fixture of Belfast theater for decades and worked alongside budding stars like Liam Neeson and Ciaran Hinds at Belfast’s Lyric Theatre.

‘Game of Thrones’ actor JJ Murphy dies just four days into filming his role – NY Daily News.